Countrykid Blog Latest Products Wed, 29 May 2024 11:35:38 +0530 en-us Five Reasons you should include Finger Millet Seeds in your Diet Tue, 12 Apr 2022 17:24:42 +0530 Grains have gained immense popularity throughout the globe because of their nutritional value. One such grain that has become a staple in the regular diet is finger millet, popularly known as Ragi. These grains are a part of diet of several people for many reasons. In this article, we will throw some light on why you should consider including finger millet seeds in your daily diet.    Five Reasons why Finger Millet Seeds Should Be a Part of Your Daily Diet   1. Packed with Nutrition: One of the significant reasons Ragi is a staple in every third house worldwide is because they are packed with nutrition. These seeds are loaded with protein, calcium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, vitamins, and other essential dietary factors.    2. Helps Keep Weight In Check: Finger millet seeds exporters in India have a massive market because obesity is a growing problem. Finger millet seeds contain an amino acid called Tryptophan which helps in lowering appetite because of which you tend to feel less hungry after having it and can restrain you from gulping in more food than is required. Also, Finger millet seeds contain low fat, making them healthy for people trying to lose weight.   3. Strengthen Bones And Teeth: Most nutritionists recommend finger millet seeds as a part of a diet plan for kids and growing adults because they make the bones and teeth strong.    4. Improves Diabetes Control: A significant percentage of people globally have diabetes. This is why finger millet seeds exporters have a certain percentage of people fighting diabetes. Research shows that finger millet seeds help you keep your diabetes in check.     5. Helps Keep Lactating Mothers Nourished: Everyone is aware of the post-pregnancy issues lactating mothers go through. You would be surprised to know that finger millet seeds help you deal with stress and anxiety. Most importantly, it helps in the production of milk in lactating mothers because of which both you and your child remain happy and healthy. It is precisely why finger millet seeds exporters include these seeds in baby foods and health drinks specially made for mothers.    Therefore, we can say that finger millet seeds exporters have become very popular because people worldwide export Ragi and include it in their daily diet. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, finger millet seeds are also used to nourish your skin, keep your heart healthy, and help indigestion. The most significant advantage of these seeds is that they can be consumed in any way.    Finger millet seed Laddu or sweets as we call them, are very popular universally. You can also try adding it to your dosa to make a healthy breakfast or in porridge if you like eating a heavy meal in the morning.    These seeds ensure your appetite is complete the entire day. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or preparing any special food supplement, finger millet seeds are an essential ingredient when you plan to cook a healthy meal, especially when you are on a diet. What are the Health Benefits of Coconut Palm Sugar? Thu, 09 Jun 2022 16:59:09 +0530 Coconut palm sugar is a unique type of palm sugar produced from the sap of the flower bud stem of a coconut palm. It is useful to make sweeteners in many countries due to its immense health benefits.    The use of natural sugar is increasing significantly in developed countries.    Thus they always try to find a unique alternative to natural sugar. It is healthier than artificial sugar. You can choose authentic coconut palm sugar exporters from any online portal. It can provide you with huge health benefits.   Coconut Sugar Processing Coconut sugar or coconut palm sugar is the sugar made from coconut palm tree sap. It is a natural sugar that is unprocessed, especially in comparison to granulated white sugar or table sugar. The sugar goes most commonly coconut sugar and coconut palm sugar.    1st, collect the sap from the coconut flowers, then removes the liquid by dehydrating. The dehydrated form is broken into the granules you purchased as coconut sugar. The unprocessed sugar has fibre and inulin that helps slow the digestion of sugar. Coconut sugar is also available in liquid form. It is easy to use in cooking.   Nutritional Benefits of Coconut Sugar Coconut sugar retains many nutrients found in the coconut palm, such as zinc, calcium, potassium, and iron. These nutrients support the body in many ways. Coconut sugar also contains the soluble fibre inulin, linked to a lower risk of blood sugar spikes. Authentic coconut palm sugar exporters in India provide the best quality coconut sugar.   Coconut sugar can prevent blood sugar levels. The body relies on glucose for energy. Like brown sugar  and cane sugar, coconut sugar can raise blood glucose levels but prevent serious conditions such as low blood sugar.   Hypoglycemia can make you feel shaky, dizzy, nauseous, and hungry. It can lead to seizures and coma. If you are looking for a natural, plant-based sweetener to maintain your blood glucose level, coconut sugar is the best choice.   There is a lower chance of blood sugar spike. One per serving, coconut sugar contains a small amount of inulin. It is a soluble fibre that can make post-meal blood sugar spikes. Foods that contain inulin can be healthy choices for diabetes patients.   The Uniqueness of Coconut Sugar Coconut sugar looks like brown sugar and has a strong caramel taste. The Philippines and Southeast Asia are where coconut sugar is in a huge quantity. Coconut sugar undergoes little processing, so it retains some of the natural vitamins, antioxidants, fibre, and minerals. The nutrients in coconut sugar are likely to have minimal effect unless you eat large amounts.    Health-conscious people are selecting alternatives to white sugar, including coconut sugar, molasses, syrup, nectars, and honey. Some research shows that palm sugar has a lower glycaemic index than other sugar. Authentic coconut palm sugar exporters take care of these essential factors. Without original coconut palm sugar you cannot get the ultimate health benefits.   From the above information, one can understand the usefulness of choosing the best quality coconut sugar exporters offline or online. Top Five Benefits of White Sorghum Seeds that can Prevent Cancer and Diabetes Tue, 20 Sep 2022 12:24:16 +0530 Sorghum is a cereal grain that belongs to the family of Poaceae. This sorghum is available in small, round and white colours. These grains are rich in natural nutrients and easy to digest. It is popularly known as Jowar, which is rich in fibre, protein, and minerals and is considered the best food for diabetes and digestion-related diseases.Sorghum is an excellent source of fibre that helps to curb food intake and makes the muscle stronger. They have multiple health benefits. There are several White Sorghum Seeds wholesale suppliers in India that are offering outstanding quality Sorghum seeds at pocket-friendly rates. It offers plant-based protein and helps in bone formation. These grains are rich in antioxidants, prevent bone problems, rich source of proteins for vegans and vegetarians. These grains are gluten-free and a good source of food for digestion and weight loss. Prevents Diabetes These Sorghum seeds are crushed to form flour for consumption. Therefore, sorghum flour balances the sugar level in the blood and it is digested naturally more than other grains. As per the study, Sorghum is good for diabetic people and also for losing weight. These grains help in digestion and lower the sugar level for a healthy body. Owing to fibre and other minerals present in sorghum, it is popular for diabetic people. Protection against Cancer Sorghum seeds are rich in antioxidants that can protect the body against cancer. This anti-oxidant property present in sorghum is capable of destroying cancer cells. Therefore, the consumption of sorghum seeds is recommended for preventing cancer cells. White Sorghum Seeds Suppliers India is supplying sorghum to customers at affordable rates. Healthy Digestive System Sorghum prevents various stomach and digestion-related problems. The consumption of fibre on daily basis can maintain a healthy digestive system. However, most cereals have low fibre, but sorghum is rich in fibre and has several health benefits. It also helps in obesity, heart attack and diabetes. These grains are rich in vitamins that help in cell building and proper functioning of the body. Promotes Healthy Bones In our fast-paced life, we often forget about keeping healthy of our bones apart from our weight. Sorghum is delicious and carb-based that is rich in magnesium and promotes strong and healthy bones. Magnesium maintains the right level of calcium in the body to promote healthy bones. Good Source of Proteins With the increase in environmental issues, people are transitioning towards plant-based diets. These sorghum seeds are beneficial for vegetarians and vegans. They are a good source of proteins and are an effective plant-based diet. These are plant-based proteins and are popular amongst athletes for energy and proteins without affecting blood sugar.We conclude that sorghum seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals that can prevent cancer cells, prevents indigestion, and prevent diabetes. Due to the presence of fibre and protein, it is highly recommended as a digestion energy booster. It also promotes bone and is popular amongst athletes. Anti-oxidant properties in sorghum seeds reduce inflammation, prevent cancer and promote skin health. These grains are considered to be good for the immune system and a healthy body. So, if you are looking for white sorghum seeds suppliers in India, make research them before purchasing. These sorghum seeds are versatile and keep the body healthy. Coco Peat Block Exporters India – Its numerous benefits for soil health benefits Mon, 19 Dec 2022 16:58:57 +0530 Cocopeat is a natural fibre which is made out of coconut husks. The removal of coconut fibre from husks gives us this byproduct called coco-peat, which is a 100% natural growing medium. This cocopeat dried in the natural sun is treated to produce different items namely cocopeat block, coco peat briquettes, cocopeat tablets, etc. Loose coco peat is eventually referred to as coco soil. Coco soil being an absorbent and well-drained medium, helps the plant to have sturdy roots, thus making it an outstanding growing medium for hydroponics. In terms of exporter this valuable material we are known as a topmost Coco Peat Block Exporters in India Properties of Cocopeat Block • Cocopeat is light, easy to handle and can even be recycled for up to 4 years. • The physical and biochemical assets of cocopeat make it resilient to bacterial and fungal growth. • Cocopeat crumbles slowly. It only begins to break down when it is ten years old, thus delivering long-term benefits. • It has a pH of 5.2 to 6.8 which is neutral to marginally acidic. This makes it great to be varied with alkaline garden soil. Read about soil pH & its effect on plant development. • Cocopeat can store and issue nutrients to plants for lengthy periods. • It has great oxygenation properties which are significant for healthy root development. • Cocopeat blocks can be united with any of the normal ingredients like soil and manure to be used as a mixture or a stand-alone product. • Cocopeat is obtainable at an affordable price for a quality product with an environmentally sustainable future. • Cocopeat is an impeccable soil conditioner, and it can hold moisture up to eight times its volume. It is entirely organic. • Cocopeat is steady and unchanging in texture, and easy to handle. Where to use cocopeat? • Cocopeat is a fantastic sowing medium. It is used to sow the seeds of vegetables and seasonal flowers in seedling trays. • Cocopeat is a perfect rooting medium. Stem cuttings are secure in the cocopeat for root site. • Cocopeat is a vital ingredient of numerous potting media like pot-o-mix and organic veggie-mix. • Pickling mixture with added cocopeat is appropriate for indoor plants, cacti and succulents, dish gardens, terrariums and sagging baskets. Advantages Coco Peat Block PH and moisture levels: Coco peat is problematic for beginners to get the pH and moisture levels correct. Coco peat is neutral to marginally acidic. The ideal pH range for coco peat is between five and six, but it can be interesting to keep this range. This can be problematic if you cultivate plants that prefer neutral or alkaline mediums. Coco peat also tends to be very dry, so you will need to water it more frequently than other substrates. Expense: If you buy coco peat block, it can be costly compared to other increasing mediums such as perlite or vermiculite, depending on the quality. However, coco peat is so it can still be a decent choice if you are on a budget. You can find coco peat at utmost gardening stores or online retailers. Compaction: The coco husks in coco peat can become compressed over time, making it difficult for roots to enter. This can cause glitches with drainage and aeration.   To stop compaction, you should mix coco peat with perlite or vermiculite.